Alastair Woodgate of Property Specialists Rumball Sedgwick

Alastair Woodgate of Rumball Sedgwick St Albans and Watford leading form of chartered surveyors, provides some timely advice on making sure your chimney is fit for the festive season.

As Father Christmas once again loads up his sleigh, ready for his magical round-the-world parcel service, he’ll no doubt also be limbering up to face the challenge of chimneys of all shapes and sizes around the globe.

In recent years Santa has found it increasingly difficult to make his Christmas Eve deliveries as the number of houses with chimneys has fallen. Building Regulations have been tightened to emphasise energy efficiency in new homes, making it less likely that a chimney will have been installed. Less than 10% of new homes are now built with working chimneys. However, things may be looking up with the increasing popularity of wood-burning stoves, provided Santa can negotiate his way around their flue pipes.”

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