On Thursday 21st February, 40 young professionals from professional firms in St Albans, gathered at Café Rouge to hear from guest speaker, David Ventura from KAMGuru.

“David is a thought-provoking speaker who helps Senior Leaders and their teams improve profitability and performance, bringing to life the principles of increasing results by improving relationships with an organisation’s most important clients/customers.

David has spent over 12 years in a variety of commercial and leadership roles across numerous sectors, including Retail, IT and Telecoms, with a proven track record in generating new business and growth from the existing customer base.

Having started his career in the entertainment industry, David now works as a speaker, corporate trainer and coach, dedicating his time to helping organisations grow revenues, empower employees and reach full potential by delivering highly engaging and ‘output focused’ workshops. His passion for ‘performance’ has carried through some core principles of Customer Growth;

  • The key to any great ‘performance’ is integrity and authenticity. The same applies to business.
  • If ‘people buy from people’ then rapport and relationship skills are the most powerful skills to master in business.
  • Sales can often be seen as a downstream result of Service Excellence.”

The title of our young professionals’ event was ‘Top Tips for your Top Clients/Customers’ as for senior executives today, key account management (KAM) has never been more relevant or important.

  1. More and more revenue is coming from a smaller % of customers. For many SMEs, 64% of the revenue is provided by just 4% of the customers. Often the ’Top 10’ accounts.
  2. Often an SME’s only USP is ‘Customer Intimacy’. Building Profitable Partnerships is the Key to Success.
  3. Key Account Management starts at the top!

This highly participative and engaging “health check” workshop provided an overview of the essential key account management strategies, systems and skills needed in today’s challenging business environment.

We spoke to a few of the young professionals in attendance who said:

“The St Albans City of Expertise networking breakfast provided an opportunity to meet and connect with a group of professionals who, although engaged in different industries to ours, all share a common understanding of work life in the St Albans area. Over breakfast we heard from David Ventura who spoke about Key Account Management – how to identify our key clients and develop a professional partnership with them. Definitely not an ordinary start to an otherwise ordinary working day!” Martyn Didzys, Consultant, AECOM

“David’s presentation was highly inspirational and has definitely made me think more outside the box when it comes to building client relationships and going that extra mile for clients to really add value to our services.” Sanya Qayyum, Rayner Essex

“The recent St Albans City of Expertise event on Key Account Management provided a fantastic opportunity for our Young Professionals to meet likeminded individuals working within the St Albans economic area. The event did not disappoint. Starting with an excellent breakfast, where our Young Professionals were able to network with their peers, the event led to an engaging presentation delivered by KAM Guru Executive David Ventura. Overall, an excellent event, held in an inclusive and relaxed environment. AECOM will seek to attend further City of Expertise Young Professional events going forward.” Chris Law, Associate, AECOM

“The City of Expertise, young professional events are organised with the attendees in mind – we want to ensure that there is a benefit to attending. Whether that is meeting a new contact, building on existing business relationships, or gaining further knowledge and understanding of a new topic/area. The City of Expertise is a great forum to support and promote St Albans and those who work there. Thank you to David Ventura, who was a brilliant guest speaker. We have had lots of excellent feedback and we are already planning events for May and October this year so watch this space.” Emily Waddell, Cleveland Scott York & Melissa Meleanau, Sherrards