Despite the freezing temperatures and dark night, the St Albans Young Professionals made the journey to Westminster Lodge for an evening of networking and public speaking training.

The group was joined by Dee Clayton, a multi-award winning presentation skills trainer who specialises in helping professionals, managers and directors improve their presentation skills and business communications across all situations and skill levels.

Young Professionals from Scott & York IP Law, Sherrards Solicitors, WMT Chartered Accountants, Rayden Solicitors, St Albans City & District Council, Debenhams Ottaway and SA Law gathered for informal networking before Dee started her training.

Dee’s unique approach to the fear of public speaking is refreshing – by re-branding these fears as ‘public speaking monkeys’, you can easy isolate them enabling you to work on overcoming each one, eventually banishing them altogether.

The group was asked – what are your fears when thinking about public speaking? Was it the fear of forgetting what to say? Or pronouncing something wrong? All fears everyone can relate to. By using a simple 3 step plan to help overcome and tame your monkeys, Dee believes that anyone can train their fear and in time even love standing up and speaking in front of hundreds of people!

Part 1. Catching your monkeys. Part 2: Connect with your monkeys. Part 3: Challenge your monkeys.

Dee had the group up and chatting in no time practicing short greetings and follow up which can be used in any situation – whether it is meeting new people whilst networking or presenting a pitch to new clients or directors.

As a professional, standing up and presenting is such an important part of your career – whether you need to present work to clients, or you are looking at moving up the career ladder. Dee used a simple yet effective approach which allowed those attending to take something away.

The feedback from those attending was brilliant “It was a wonderful, interactive evening and I have learnt a great deal.” Said a representative from Scott & York IP Law. Another from Rayden Solicitors said “Dee gave so many helpful tips and advice with simple and straightforward techniques that I am sure to remember”.

About the St Albans Young Professionals Group – Our aim is to create opportunities for young professionals in St Albans to build new business relationships, share information and learn new professional skills.

St Albans Young Professionals Event Westminster Lodge

Dee Clayton, St Albans Young Professionals Event, Westminster Lodge, 29th November 2016