Rumball Sedgwick Chartered Surveyors St Albans and HarpendenAlastair Woodgate, Director of Watford and St Albans based Rumball Sedgwick Chartered Surveyors, considers the impact of trees on buildings.

My colleague took a call yesterday, typical of many enquiries to the office: “A crack has appeared in the external wall of our house. Could the roots of the nearby oak tree be to blame?” A site visit will shed more light on the possible causes, but it’s worth noting here that while trees can cause problems to structures, many trees grow near buildings and, in most cases, never cause problems.

But, if you notice cracks appearing in house walls where there are nearby mature trees there is a possibility these are a factor in causing the damage. Understanding the soil type and depth of foundations will help determine the cause and what action is needed.

When in doubt, contact Rumball Sedgwick to get the opinion of one of our Chartered Surveyors.

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