The Patent Box Cleveland Scott York St Albans and HarpendenOver 700 companies benefitted from £350m in tax relief through the Patent Box regime in the 12 months to September 2016.

Businesses in the regime have reported tax relief of £67k to £1.45m per year and can continue to benefit until 2021, if they retain their registration. But what has it cost them to establish their patent and then claim the relief each year?

Those filing patents and electing to join Patent Box for periods from 1 July 2016 onwards will be entering a less favourable regime. Is the new Patent Box regime worthwhile? Are there still opportunities to benefit from the old regime? The answer to both questions is yes.

Presented by David Clarke of Clydesdale Bank, in this webinar, Andrew McKenzie of intellectual property law firm Scott & York and Sarah Lockhart-White of WMT Chartered Accountants explain:

  • who can benefit from the Patent Box regime and how;
  • what criteria you have to meet to enter the post 1 July regime;
  • who may be able to back-date filings and elections to qualify for the old regime;
  • what income qualifies for relief; and
  • how much it is likely to cost you to enter and remain in the Patent Box.

If you’d like to explore the opportunities for your business under Patent Box further please contact:

Andrew Mackenzie – Scott & York IP Law

Sarah Lockhart-White – WMT Chartered Accountants 

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