A major business survey will enable Hertfordshire employers to have their say on some of the barriers and opportunities to raising productivity and performance

The findings will be published in a report to support the development of a Local Industrial Strategy for Hertfordshire and help set the economic priorities for the county.

The survey will capture the size, sector and area of activity for each organisation in order to help identify trends, before moving onto a series of questions relating to:

Business performance/exporting

Business eco-system/infrastructure

Skills and leadership

Business support and advice

There are currently 58,135 micro, 4,485 small, 830 medium and 235 large enterprises in Hertfordshire. The survey will sample 1% of this population, which equates to up to 450 businesses and will be stratified across the following eight sectors:

­Manufacturing and advanced engineering

Life sciences and pharmaceuticals

Professional, financial and technical services


Information, communications and technology services

Construction and the built environment

High-end logistics and retail

Arts, entertainment and recreation


Previous surveys have been on a much smaller scale, with the Hertfordshire Businesses’ Skills Gap Survey (HBSGS) reaching out to over 150 employers and the Hertfordshire Employers’ Skills Framework (HESF) to over 200 employers in 2017/18.

Local Enterprise Partnerships have been tasked with developing Local Industrial Strategies to help create more prosperous communities and tackle the vast regional and local disparities that exist across the UK.

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