Active Workplace Challenge

Make every minute count!

Active Workplace Challenge St Albans City of ExpertiseBusy, modern lifestyles are making it hard to fit in exercise into our daily routine. Shockingly we are 20% less active now than we were in the 1960s and it’s time to make a change! With many of us spending 60% of our waking hours at work there’s no better time or place to start adding activity into and around our working day.

Just adding small chunks of activity throughout the day can all add up; switching the lift for the stairs, walking to work, challenging the boss to a table tennis rally or taking part in a Midday Mile. So together let’s make every minute count!

2018 Active Workplace Challenge
We are inviting you and your colleagues to take part in the 2018 Active Workplace Challenge, an 8-week national activity logging challenge from 8th January to 4th March 2018. It’s easy to get involved:

Step 1. Sign up to Workplace Challenge via

Step 2. Get active – Discover great activities taking place in your local area or why not host your own activities and events in your workplace?

Step 3. Log your activity via our online tool, automatically track your activity with the Workplace Challenge app or connect to Fitbit to earn activity points for your own profile and for your workplace

Step 4. Enjoy some friendly competition – Watch yourself and your workplace compete against organisations from across the country as you climb our national and local leaderboards.

Step 5. Be in with a chance to win some fantastic prizes!

Why get involved?
The average UK worker spends more than 8 hours a day sitting down (whether that’s at a desk or on the sofa) and 1 in 4 of us are doing less than 30 minutes of activity a week. This level of physical inactivity is having a detrimental effect on our health, causing 1 in 6 deaths in the UK (the same as smoking!)

There is no coincidence that exercise is often called the miracle cure! People who are physically active can reduce their risk of more than 20 chronic diseases, including a 30% reduced risk of depression.

Regular bite-sized chunks of 10 minutes of activity during the working day can help to:

  • Improve mood
  • Boost concentration
  • Increase communication & team morale
  • Help you to get a better night’s sleep

Sign up by 12th January 2018


This challenge isn’t just for the ultra-fit and active. It is about encouraging those that do very little to try and fit 10 minutes of activity into their daily lives.
Once you sign up, you need to log your activity each week either on the Workplace Challenge website, via the Workplace Challenge app, or by syncing a Fitbit to the website.
For further information, please contact Fiona Deans,