Digisafe Barclays bank st albans city of expertiseDigisafe, Barclays Bank – helping society stay safe in a digital world. Top tips for staying safe online.

1.Never give out your full Online Banking PIN, passcode or password to anyone – even a caller claiming to be from the police or your bank.
2.Don’t click on any link or open any attachments from an unsolicited email.
3.Avoid letting someone you don’t know have access to your computer, especially remotely.
4.Getting called? Check that the phone number is genuine. You’ll find company telephone numbers on bills, statements or their website. For Barclays’ numbers, you can use our telephone number checker to see if you’re being contacted by a genuine Barclays number.
5.Banks and the police will never ask you to hand over your PIN, cards or cash, or to buy high-value items, or to transfer funds to a new account. If someone calls asking you to do this, end the call.
6.Don’t rely on the caller display on your phone, or on the contact name shown in text messages that claim to be from your bank – fraudsters can manipulate these.
7.Protect your computer and mobile devices with the most up-to-date anti-virus software, which you can access for free through Online Banking.
8.Shopping online? Check that the website is secure. Before you enter any sensitive information (such as payment details), look for ‘https’ at the start of the website address – and a padlock or key icon next to the address bar on your device.
9.Always cover your PIN to prevent anyone from seeing it, and don’t let anyone distract you during a transaction.
10.If you bank with us, we’ll never ask you for your full PIN, password, PINsentry codes or Mobile PINsentry codes by text or email in order for you to transfer money or make a payment.
Digisafe is committed to helping people, families and businesses move forward with confidence, to make the most of the digital world, and to do so safely. That’s why we’ve put together these guides and tools.