Why St Albans City of Expertise

Why St Albans City of Expertise? St Albans is an attractive, historic Cathedral City with a unique cultural heritage and thriving business community. St Albans is a great place to live and work with a strong property market, vibrant shops, bars and restaurants.

The objective of the St Albans City of Expertise initiative is to facilitate the building of a community, or hub, of local professional services experts. The initiative is focused on raising the profile of a unique cluster of professional service organisations in the City and District of St Albans. The City of Expertise encourages people to look towards St Albans as a great place to do business. This will help drive more business to local firms and increase the opportunities for skilled local people to secure high skill employment. By working together we can benefit from economies of scale, drive recruitment, deliver competitive advantage to our members and share best practice.

Whether you’re looking to set up a business or are in need of professional advice there are many reasons you should ‘Look to
St Albans’.

Reasons to consider St Albans

Excellent value for money
We can provide excellent value for money compared with London firms, delivering a wealth of key capabilities that equal those found in the capital. London based professional services have a reputation for being expensive, needing to service high overheads, salaries and fixed costs. St Albans based firms offer exactly the same high quality service and much more competitively. Many of our professionals developed their skills with the best firms in London and the City.

With a choice of over 80 Chartered Accountancy practices and 50 Law firms in St Albans we can offer a unique array of specialist advice. The area is home to top tier financial and legal companies both regionally and globally, including many award winning ‘Tier One’, ‘Legal 500’, Chamber and Partner organisations.

Business Links
We are able to deliver a joined up solution through our strong business community and network of experts. We can deliver a cohesive, collaborative approach to meet customer requirements. This is especially important when the work demands someone who knows who to go to, how they work and what their business drivers are. We are well placed to connect businesses to legal experts, financial experts and other professionals.

Transport is very good via both road, with easy access to the M1, A1 and M25, and rail links into London with services taking only 20 minutes. In addition, St Albans is connected to major airports London Luton, Heathrow and London City.

Job opportunities
St Albans offers excellent career opportunities, competitive salaries and training to develop your expertise and improve career prospects. We can provide interesting and challenging work for people with drive and ambition.

St Albans is in the top 4% of the most highly skilled districts in England. 58.8 per cent of residents aged 16 to 64yrs in St Albans were qualified to at least Level 4 (degree equivalent level) in 2014. This is in excess of the average for Hertfordshire which is 43.5 per cent. The average for England is 37.5% per cent.

St Albans had the 3rd highest population growth in Herts from 2004 to 2014.  It rose by 13,600 to a total of 144,834. We are forecast to be the 2nd highest growing district in Herts up to 2024